Chat or Messages
Instant Chat
Usually used for live short talks with smiles, stickers, video
Possible only with users online
You pay for time, not for quantity
(1 credit for 1 minute chatting)
You can use both text & video
(1 credit for 1 minute extra)
Perfect for longtime mailing, sharing stories & photos etc.
You can send it when lady is offline
You pay for quantity, not for time
(10 credits for 1 sent message)
Attach your files (photos. pictures...)
to message for free

Cancellation Policy

1 Typically, the payment received from you cannot be returned if there is no reason for this according to our refund policy. Refund Policy on this Site is a part of this Agreement. We reserve the right to change or modify the Refund Policy at any time. All changes become valid upon posting.

2 Your money can be refunded to you only in cases stipulated by this agreement. You agree that the Site administration is not obliged to offset expenses of any purchased credits if the Services have been properly and fully provided to you.

3 The Site is not obliged to refund in case of your failure to develop a relationship on the website.

4 The site policy for refunding is determined by your consent with following provisions.

4.1 You do not have the right for refunding if you are only discontent with the Site or any of Services offered through the site.

4.2 Messages sent to a lady on the site, which remain unread or unanswered are not eligible for a refund of credits.

4.3 Bonus credits credited to your billing account cannot be refunded.

4.4 When you send an email message and it is forwarded to a recipient's mailbox, this means that a message is formatted correctly and thus you are not entitled to a refund. This includes, but is not limited to, cases such as accidentally sending duplicate emails or a chat session that accidentally has not been stopped.

4.5 The Site Administration reserves the right to offer you to replace a refund by charging on your account bonus credits.

4.6 The Site is not responsible for the loss of credits in case you have not learnt all the potentialities of the Site, and as a result, have not use the Services properly.

5 In all other cases, you are encouraged to report to the administration on your claim and the grounds for repayment. Consideration of claims by the Site administration takes place within 7 days with the exception of weekends. The Site administration reserves the right to request additional information about the claim, and the proof of its eligibility.

6 The Site administration reserves the right to claim compensation for losses and expenses incurred in connection with your actions on the site and take any legal action available for this.

7 You are entitled to a refund to your account if the Services you paid for have not been provided to you by our fault, apart from those that failed due to technical problems of equipment, servers, Internet channels and other equipment not owned by

8 You have the right to a refund if you adduced an evidence of unsatisfactory services.