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Privacy Policy


    About Privacy Policy

●     What data do we collect and how we do it?

●     How will we use your data?

    For users under 18

    What are cookies?

●     How do we use cookies?

●     How to manage your cookies?

●     Your rights to protect your personal data

    Privacy policies of other websites

    Changes to our Privacy Policy

    How to contact us 

About Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy is a document that defines the rules for processing data of our site users. For us, the confidentiality of information is of utmost importance. We know that the use of other people's personal data is a big problem for users of social networks, so we have developed this Privacy Policy so that you know how we use your personal data. From the Privacy Policy you can find out what information and how we collect, how we use this information, with whom we share it, how you can access it or change it and how we protect the information.

What data do we collect and how we do it?

To create a user profile on our website during registration, you must specify the following data: your name, email address, gender, date of birth and your location. You can also provide other information about yourself, but it is not required. You control your profile and this data is available to you at any time - just go to your "Profile" page and you can correct or update the information about yourself (except for gender and age). 

After creating a profile, we automatically track some information, such as your IP address. 

In the interest of security users should verify their accounts. Verification may require your phone number and photo taken in accordance with our instructions. These actions on your part help us deal with fake accounts that can be used to harm other users.  

How will we use your data? 

When you use the site, we will collect information about your location. This helps us determine your physical location so that it can be indicated on your profile and other users can see it in the "Near me" section. 

We also collect information that you upload to the site, for example, your photos, your description in the "About Me" section, video broadcasts and other information you uploaded. 

In addition, we store information about the settings of your profile, for example, the interface language, your notification settings, the visibility settings of your photos, so that it is more convenient for you to use the site. 

And finally, we store your contact list, chat history, a list of selected and ignored users, ratings, messages you send and receive, and other information about the actions you take on the site in order to provide you with the best experience of using our service. 

We may use personal information for internal purposes, for example, during an audit, data analysis and research aimed at improving products and services, as well as ways to communicate with the users. The personal data about you and collected by belongs to you. We do not resell your data or data for viewing to third parties. 

For users under 18

You can register on the dating site or use its individual functions only if you are over 18 years old. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files on our computers that store information about our previous actions on the sites. In addition to logging into accounts, they can remember: 

     User preferences, such as language, currency or font size.

     Products we viewed or added to the basket;

     The text that we entered on the site before;

     IP address and location of the user;

     Date and time of visiting the site;

●      OS and browser version;

●      Clicks and transitions. 

When we perform an action on a site, for example, add goods to a basket or enter login details for an account, the server writes this information in cookies and sends it to the browser along with the page. When we go to another page of the site or go to it through time, the browser sends cookies back. 

How do we use cookies?

Cookies could be temporary and permanent. When we close the tab with the site, permanent cookies remain on the computer, and temporary cookies are deleted. 

When you visit our site, we use cookies to save the session. Session cookies are deleted when the browser is closed. We also set permanent cookies on users' computers, so that our sites remember users and make the user authorization process faster and easier. We can use permanent cookies on your mobile device, mainly for security purposes, for example, to prevent phishing, to protect against fraud, to prevent unauthorized login, and to help you gain access if your account is hacked. We do not use information after you log out. 

How to manage your cookies

In the settings of your browser or mobile device, you can block cookies and the operation of local storage devices, but having made such a lock, you will not be able to use the functions of our website. 

Your rights to protect personal data

    The right to access – You have the right to request for copies of your personal data. 

    The right to correct – You have the right to request that correct any information you believe is inaccurate. You also have the right to request our website to complete the information you believe is missing. 

    The right to delete – You have the right to request that erase all of your personal data, under certain conditions. 

    The right to forbid data processing – You have the right to request that restrict the processing of your personal data, under certain conditions. 

    The right to data portability – You have the right to request that transfer the data that we have collected directly to you or to another organization, under certain conditions. 

Privacy Policies of other websites

Our site contains links leading to other websites. Our Privacy Policy applies exclusively to our site, so if you switched to a third-party resource, you should get acquainted with their Privacy Policy.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The reserves the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice, so please sometimes check this section to stay informed about how we use your personal data.


Merchant will not sell, purchase, provide, exchange or in any other manner disclose Account or Transaction data, or personal information of or about a Cardholder to anyone, except, it’s Acquirer, Visa/Mastercard Corporations or in response to valid government demands.

How to contact us

If you have any questions after reading this information about the relevant Privacy Policy or you want to request additional information, please contact us using the following address: